Carju Rajah Tiado

Open our door and welcome to the world of tranquility and luxurious elegance.
An elegant touch of a Japanese Modernism can be felt in all of its space and ambience.
Your time spent here will be a very precious moment to obtain good health and true beauty.

It’s holistic, yet clinical

We offer a wide range of spa treatment courses that combine two contradictory methods.
We also offer full-private men’s spa room and private barber space where our male guest can enjoy a totally new and innovative spa experience.

Luxurious Elegance in the Amebience of Tranquility

The salon is furnished in Japonism style (Westernized Japanese taste) that connotes the images of the paintings of Claude Monet and Edgar Degas that were very popular at the end of the 19th century. While you feel the tranquility of the Japanese ambience, you will see luxurious elegance of modernity depicted by flowers, birds, air, and moon motifs, which create most comforting space in total.

カージュラジャ ティアドのおもてなしスタイル
Special Features of Carju Rajah Tiado The Style of Hospitality at Carju Rajah Tiado

Our service will not just start and end in a private treatment room — the guest is escorted to different rooms with beautifully arranged flowers, such as receiving a treatment in a private room; enjoying the Vital Spa (salt bath and low-temperature mist sauna) ; and the make-up room where a guest has all the space to oneself. Everything, including our treatment methods, interior, sound, aroma, and drinks, are carefully selected in order for the guests to really relax and to liberate their five senses.



Please take the special elevator from the Fitness Entrance on the 15th floor and move down to the 14th floor.


Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-21:00
Sunday / Holiday 10:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays (except for Holidays on Monday)

Substantial Line-up of Treatment Courses Based on the “Oriental Wisdom

True beauty lies in healthy body and healthy mind. We offer wide range of treatment courses that are based on the thinking of Oriental medicine, such as massaging in alignment of body meridians and detoxing massage using herb oils.

Not just for Relaxation— but Truly Achieving Result

We would like our guests to become more beautiful and healthier. Based on holistic way of thinking, the latest scientific methods that bring out tangible results are merged with effective beauty ingredients.

The Vital Spa: Promotes Metabolism by Warming the Body Temperature

This spa helps to augment the effect of the treatment. The blood circulation and metabolism can be promoted by bathing in a salt bath, together with a combination of low-temperature mist sauna (55 – 60°C) which is full of minus-ions.



We are offering new "aesthetics for men", unique to our spa


Please take the special elevator from the Fitness Entrance on the 15th floor and move down to the 14th floor.


Tuesday-Friday 10:00-21:00
Saturday / Sunday / Holiday 10:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays (except for Holidays on Monday)

The best of hospitality just for males who appreciate the finest

There are many anecdotes of VIPs who had visited the barber of the old Capitol Tokyu Hotel, some told even to this day. Carju Rajah TIADO has inherited that same DNA and will groom executives who are active in the front lines of business for a smart appearance.

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Reservations and inquiries for Spa & Barber "Carju Rajah TIADO" are accepted by phone.

*We operate on 100% reservation system in order for the guests to fully relax in our salon.
  • +81-3-3580-5871
10:00 - 21:00 on weekdays and Saturdays
10:00 - 19:00 on Sundays and national holidays
Closed Monday ( will be open when Monday is a holiday )