Pastry Boutique "ORIGAMI"

As a souvenir or gift to a loved one

The hotel's pastry shop is in a location with great access from the subways. There you can find confectionaries prepared with care by our patissier, as well as the hotel's breads.

Banana bread

Reservations are also accepted

  • Our banana bread has been loved since "ORIGAMI" was established in 1963. Two ripe bananas are used to bake each loaf, and the full flavor of banana has a meltingly soft texture. The recipe which contains no butter has been passed down without alteration for over 40 years. Please savor its gentle aroma and fluffy texture.

Spirit of hospitality packed inside a gift.

A wide selection of items, including seasonal cakes recommended by our patissier.

The spirit of hospitality packed inside a gift box.

Enjoy brand-named items of the world


Other Restaurants

"Suiren" epitomizes the hotel's theme of "Japanese Modern Hospitality" - featuring the best of Japanese cuisine including teppan-yaki, sushi and the fine art of Kaiseki.

Enjoy quality Chinese cuisine in a stylish and elegant setting

"ORIGAMI" is open all day regardless of the hours.

Spend an elegant time, enjoying the view of the trees and the gentle movement of water in the garden.

Release tension and relax in this stately and calm ambience. Cigars are also available.