We have listed frequently asked questions by our guests. If you have any other inquiries which are not listed, please contact us by telephone or through the online inquiry form.

About Rooms & Suites

  • Q What time is Check-In/Check-Out?

    Check-In is 15:00. Check-Out is 12:00.
    *Times may differ according to special stay promotion.

  • Q Can I extend my Check-Out time?

    If you plan to continue using the room after the 12:00 Check-Out time, additional fees will be charged as follows.
    Extension until 15:00 (3pm): 30% of normal room rate
    Extension until 18:00 (6pm): 50% of normal room rate
    Extension past 18:00 (6pm): 100% normal room rate
    *Extension may not be possible if room is reserved or fully-booked.

  • Q I am a Comfort Member. Does the Check-Out extension service apply to me?

    Your Check-Out time can be extended until 13:00. Please notify us at Check-In.
    *Extension may not be possible if room is reserved or fully-booked.

  • Q Are there discounts or services for hotel stay guest parking?

    Parking is available for 4,000 yen per night for stay guests. Please present your parking ticket at the Front Reception. Valet parking is available at the 3rd floor(LF) Main Entrance from 7:00 to 23:00.
    An additional parking fee of 400 yen will be charged every 30 minutes after designated time from Check-Out. [Parking fee for non-stay guests: (8:00 - 24:00) 400 yen per 30 minutes, (0:00 - 8:00) 200 yen per 30 minutes]

  • Q Can 3 people stay in 1 room?

    Premier Corner Twin room, Premier King room, Club Premier Corner Twin room and Club Premier King room can accommodate up to 3 persons with the use of an extra bed. [Additional charge for extra bed: 11,880 yen for standard floor and 15,444 yen for club floor (including service charge & tax)]

  • Q I would like a room to myself.

    Our hotel does not have any single rooms. We recommend the "Deluxe King" or "Premier King" rooms with the 2 meter wide king-sized beds for a single person stay.

  • Q Are baby beds available?

    Baby beds are available free of charge for infants under 12-months old. Please inform us at reservation, as there are a limited number of beds.

  • Q My child is still very little. What is the room rate regarding small children?

    Child who shares bed with a parent can stay free of charge. This applies to children up to 9 years old. Children from 10 years old and up will be charged the same rate as an adult. Items for Children, such as pajamas (110cm), room slippers and tooth brushes are available.

  • Q Can I choose a specific floor or room with a specific view?

    We will do our best to accommodate requests made during reservations. Please note that these requests are subject to availability at check in.

  • Q Do you have non-smoking rooms?

    Yes, only one floor is for smoking and all other floors are non smoking floors. Please notify us of your request when reserving your room.

  • Q How is the Internet connection in the guest rooms?

    All rooms are equipped with LAN ports for free Internet connection. LAN cables are also provided in all rooms. Wi-Fi internet connection service is also available (Wi-Fi standards: 802.11a/g/n). A user name and password will be necessary for these services. Please ask the Front Reception for details.

  • Q Do you have rental services for DVD/Blu-ray disc players?

    Blu-ray disc player rental is available free of charge. Please notify us of your request for a player when making reservations as there are a limited number. These players can also be used as DVD and CD players (read-only).

  • Q Can I play music with my own portable device (e.g. iPod) in the guest rooms?

    Music on portable media players such as iPods can be enjoyed using the bathroom speakers. All rooms are equipped with audio connection cables.

  • Q Can the hotel make arrangements for flowers, cakes, etc. to be placed in the guest rooms prior to Check-In?

    Yes, we can arrange this. Please notify us of such requests when making room reservations. The cost can be charged to the room.
    *At least 2 days prior notice is required for cake arrangement.

  • Q Can I use the fitness club?

    We have a private Fitness Club open to members and hotel stay guests only.
    * Club floor guests have complimentary access to locker rooms at the fitness facilities. There is a charge of JPY 2,160 / per for guests of other floors to use them.
    * Age Limit: Entry to Fitness Club is limited to guests aged at least 18.
    * Goggles are for sale only. Please ask at the fitness reception desk on the 15th floor if you wish to purchase them.
    * T-back and bikini style swim wear are not permitted in the pool and Jacuzzi area.
    * A partial or a full body tattoo is not allowed in the fitness facilities.

  • Q Can I send my baggage in advance, and can my baggage be stored at the hotel?

    Please send baggage addressed to the Bell Desk with your reservation name and date of reservation. You can also check in baggage directly at the 3rd Floor (LF) Bell Desk. For sending courier from hotel, this will be handle at the 3rd Floor (LF) Business Center.

  • Q Which credit cards are accepted?

    We accept AMEX, DINERS, JCB, VISA, DC, SAISON, TOP, TOYOTA, UC, DISCOVER, and UnionPay credit cards. Please contact us regarding use of other credit cards.

  • Q Do you provide a foreign currency exchange service?

    We provide foreign currency exchange for US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Singapore dollars and Hong Kong dollars to Japanese yen. (This service is for staying guests only, with a single exchange maximum set at 1,000 USD.)
    *Exchange is not available for Singapore dollar and Hong Kong dollar traveller's checks.
    *Exchange from Japanese yen to other foreign currencies is not available.

  • Q What is the hotel's cancellation policy? Will there be a cancellation charge?

    Cancelling a reservation will incur the following fees.
    *Percentages refer to total charges of entire stay.

    Cancellation after 15:00 one day before: 100%
    Cancellation on day of Check-In: 100%
    No-show, no-call: 100%

    *A percentage of the room tariff (excl. service charges and tax) will be taken as cancellation charge. Note that the charge will vary from the rate charged at the time of booking. Please call for details.

About Restaurants & Bar

  • Q Do you have restaurants with private dining rooms?

    We have three: Japanese Restaurant "Suiren", Chinese restaurant "Hoshigaoka", and an all-day dining room "Origami".
    - Japanese Restaurant "Suiren": Six rooms, each seating up to ten diners.
    - Chinese Restaurant "Hoshigaoka": Seven rooms, each seating up to sixteen diners.
    - All-day Dining "Origami": Two rooms, each seating up to eight diners.
    Please refer to each restaurant's information about their "Private Dining Rooms" for details.
    If the number of diners in your party exceeds the limit stated above, we recommend the use of one of our banquet rooms.

  • Q I'll be driving to the hotel. Do you offer discounts for guest parking?

    Customers dining in our restaurants receive free parking for one hour when you spend JPY 3,000 or more, two hours when you spend JPY 5,000 or more, and three hours when you spend JPY 10,000 or more. Please present your parking ticket at the cashier when settling your bill.
    [Parking fees: JPY 400 every 30 mins. (08:00 - 00:00), JPY 200 every 30 mins. (00:00 - 08:00)]

  • Q Do you have valet parking?

    Valet parking is available for our restaurant guests at the main entrance on 3F (LF) for 2,000 yen per use (07:00 - 23:00).
    *Separate parking charges apply.
    *Valet parking is a service where guest vehicles are parked for them and returned to them by a person called a valet.

  • Q Do you have a children-friendly restaurant?

    The following restaurants are children-friendly.
    They also provide high-chairs for small children, which you can book when making reservation.
    Please note that children at not permitted at "The Capitol Bar".

  • Q Do you have a wheelchair-friendly restaurant?

    All of our restaurants are wheelchair-friendly. Please let us know of your needs when you make a reservation.
    Customers in wheelchairs can access the restaurants from the main entrance and parking via the elevators and barrier-free corridors. The restaurants are also barrier-free inside. There is also a powder room for wheelchair users on each floor.

  • Q Do you have a restaurant where smoking is permitted?

    Smoking is only permitted in the private dining rooms of the following restaurants.
    The Capitol Bar is smoker-friendly.
    There is also a smoking room on the 1st floor which is open to all.

  • Q Is there a dress code for the restaurants?

    Customers are requested to refrain from wearing overly casual attire such as tank tops, Bermuda shorts, beach sandals, and geta sandals.
    The dress code for dinner is smart casual.

  • Q If I reserve a table at one of your restaurants for a celebration, can I also place an order for flowers or cake?

    Of course. Let us know when you make a reservation.
    Birthday cakes and flowers can be arranged by ordering up to a day in advance, but you are advised to make special requests as early as possible.
    Fees for special orders will be added to the restaurant bill.
    *When ordering a cake, please call two days in advance.

  • Q Where can I order a birthday cake?

    Orders for cakes are taken by "ORIGAMI" - All-day Dining Room. Items which are on the normal menu can be ordered up to a day in advance.
    Customers are advised to call as early as possible when placing a special order.
    All-day Dining "ORIGAMI": +81-3-3503-0872

  • Q We'd like to have our photo taken and have a meal to celebrate a special occasion.

    We have a photo studio and beauty salon on the 2nd floor, which can be used when you dine at one of our restaurants.
    - Photo Studio: +81-3-3581-7005 Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
    - Beauty Salon: +81-3-3504-0561 Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
    - Party reservations: +81-3-3503-0109 (switchboard)

  • Q Do you have a restaurant that serves breakfast?

    Breakfast is served in the following restaurant.
    - All-day Dining "ORIGAMI" from 6:30 to 10:00 (last order for breakfast)

  • Q I have dietary requirements. Can they be accommodated by your restaurants?

    Of course. Please let us know when you make a reservation.


  • Q What are your parking fees?

    Customers can use the underground parking of Tokyu Capitol Tower where our hotel is located.
    - Normal rates
    (8:00 - 00:00) JPY 400 per 30 mins.
    (00:00 - 8:00) JPY 200 per 30 mins.

    - Staying guests
    JPY 4,000 per stay, and free valet parking is available on request (7:00 - 23:00)

    - Restaurant customers
    Up to one hour free for bill of JPY 3,000 or more
    Up to two hours free for bill of JPY 5,000 or more
    Up to three hours free for bill of JPY 10,000 or more

    - Banquet / conference guests
    Up to three hours free for conferences and banquets
    Wedding guests: Up to four hours free
    Wedding families and relatives: Up to six hours free

    - Valet Parking Service (restaurant / banquet customers)
    Offered at JPY 2,000 per use (7:00 - 23:00)
    *Separate parking charges will apply.

  • Q What is your nearest train station?

    There is direct access to our 2nd floor basement from "Kokkai Gijidomae Station" on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Marunouchi lines, and "Tameike Sanno Station" on the Ginza and Namboku lines.
    Use Exit 5 or 6 at "Kokkai Gijidomae Station" or "Tameike Sanno Station", and enter the "Tokyu Capitol Tower" (Exit 6) in front on the left-hand side.
    As you proceed forward to the left of "Ueshima Coffee House", you will find the elevators for the hotel, which will take you to the Front Reception on the 3rd floor (LF).

  • Q How do I get to the airport?

    We have limousine buses that will take guests to and from the airports (Narita and Haneda).
    Please check the timetables.

  • Q Do you have facilities for people with physical disabilities?

    Guests with physical disabilities and the elderly have the peace of mind of staying in our "Premier Corner Twin" (universal design). We also rent out various mobility equipment for staying guests.
    We offer wheelchair rental and also have a wheelchair accessible powder room on each floor, except on the guestroom floors. All areas of the hotel, except for the swimming pool, can be accessed via the elevators and barrier-free corridors.

  • Q What is your hotel's seismic capacity?

    The Tokyu Capitol Tower where The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is situated is a modern skyscraper complex consisting of a hotel and office spaces, constructed in August 2010.
    - The building complies with regulations of the latest Building Standards Act (building method for high-rise buildings, principal structural parts and evacuation safety performance) set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. (Certification number HFNB-5059)
    - It has great seismic capacity as it is built with concrete filled steel tubular columns (CFT), which are both tough and rigid, with two types of vibration dampers in the building's key points.
    - The Edogawa layer at the foundation is extremely hard and is a perfect ground for high-rise buildings.
    - In an emergency, trained hotel staff will guide guests to safety.
    Guests can feel safe and enjoy the use of our modern hotel.

  • Q Can you tell me about the architect, the hotel's design and construction?

    Design Architect:Kengo Kuma and Associates
    Landscape Architect:Shunsaku Miyagi (PLACEMEDIA, Landscape Architects Collaborative)
    Hotel Conceptual Space Design:Ed Tuttle and Pin Tan of Design Realization
    Hotel Interior Design:Kanko Kikaku Sekkeisha
    Construction:Shimizu Corporation

  • Q Can I buy souvenirs and gifts?

    The hotel's original confectionaries and gifts can be purchased at our All-day Dining "ORIGAMI" on the 3rd floor and the pastry boutique "ORIGAMI" on the 2nd basement of Tokyu Capitol Tower.
    The hotel's original merchandise can also be purchased at the Business Center on the 3rd floor (LF).
    We also have a florist in the hotel's second basement.
    "U.GOTO FLORIST": 03-3506-0510 Hours: 10:00 - 20:00

  • Q Can I request the hotel to have a commemorative photo taken?

    Guests are welcome to use services offered by "Photo Studio Koyo" on the 2nd floor.
    OPEN/CLOSE 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
    Tel: +81-3-3581-7005

  • Q Can I get help with kimono fitting and makeup?

    Guests can use "The Capitol Hotel Tokyu Beauty Salon" on the 2nd floor.
    OPEN/CLOSE 10:00-18:00 (Closed Wednesdays)
    Tel +81-3-3504-0561

  • Q Do you have a day-care center?

    No, we don't. However, we can arrange for a baby sitter to be sent to your guestroom.

  • Q Does the hotel accept pets?

    Guests are requested not to bring in pets, i.e. animals and birds. However, guide dogs are permitted.